Liz Naulis - FOUNDRY

Meet Liz Naulls 👋⁠

A Dorset native, having grown up just outside Poole, leaving for university and only returning last year with her husband and four-year-old daughter in town. Having spent all her career in corporate roles across the UK and abroad, Liz now runs her own management consulting business, specialising in technology and digital healthcare.⁠

‘I love the flexibility of remote working, untethered to the 9-5, but I really miss the creativity and interaction you get in a physical office space. Being surrounded by like-minded co-workers is hugely motivating. Re-drawing the boundaries between work and family life (without the long commute) is also a massive bonus. I can’t wait for Foundry to open!’⁠

Thank you @wildrootsgreenery for the leafy backdrop



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