Chris and Reanna - FOUNDRY

“Our brand new FOUNDRY location is opening in Poole in the next few weeks, and we are thrilled to introduce some of the inspiring members who will be using the space. ⁠

“We’re Chris and Reanna otherwise known as @livingourmemories. We are two passionate travellers who love exploring the world together, showcasing popular tourist destinations as well as some incredible lesser-known spots on our Instagram and blog.⁠

We are so excited for the Foundry Poole to open so we can have a space where we can work on some of the unseen parts of our blog and social media. Poole is such a beautiful place with so much to offer so, it’s so lovely to see the town getting the well-deserved ‘lift’ that it needs!”⁠

We’re so excited to open our doors in Poole, and welcome in all our amazing new members like Chris and Reanna, see you all soon!⁠”



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