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Arriving soon in iconic East London, you’ll be able to work flexibly from FOUNDRY Walthamstow in no time. For now, why not explore the area’s rich history of innovators, like William Morris and Frederick Bremer, and prepare yourself for becoming part of a seriously inspiring community following in their footsteps. The beating heart of our upcoming site will be the gorgeous cocktail bar sat atop the building, where you can meet mates, connect with guests, or just chill out after a great days work!

Green Ferry Wy, London E17 6ZH



Sophie Bale
General Manager

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Whether you want to chat whilst you work, or pop in your headphones and get in the zone, our coworking space offers distraction-free designated desk spaces, communal tables to bounce ideas around, a comfortable lounge area to meet your clients and even a bar (free coffee included.)  Whatever you need to get the job done - we have it right here.

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Meeting Rooms

Sometimes you really do all just need to get in a room together and work ideas out. Our private office and meeting room spaces allow you, your team or your clients to have those all important conversations without interruption.

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You spent all day crushing it in the meeting room, now it’s time to crush some ice, slice some fruit, and sit back with a gorgeous cocktail to unwind.

Our bar is open from:
18.00 – 22.00 Mon-Fri
18.00 – 20.00 Sat-Sun

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Activate your Community

Nothing is better for your business than community. Whether you want to activate our Foundry community to network or bring in your own customers for a launch, or even invite friends and family down to an inspiring talk, our beautiful and versatile event space is ready for you to take it over - and ready to give you a platform to shine.

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