About Us - FOUNDRY

We’re Foundry. A space where you get to break out of the mold and work your own way, amongst your own business community.  Founded to support a new, easier style of co-working, we exist to let you work to your fullest with a range of membership types and lengths, central locations in towns across the country, and multi-purpose spaces where work and play exist side by side .  Our local sites around the UK offer unique, flexible spaces and celebrate the local cultures that you call home.  With the resources and facilities of a workspace, and the freedom of a home, we’re the future of work.

About Us

Connect, Cultivate and Create

FOUNDRY offers flexible, affordable and beautiful professional spaces within mix-use venues. So that our vibrant community of entrepreneurs have all the space they need to think differently. Our locally curated work-play spaces are kitted out with location specific details, 24 hour access, bookable private spaces, open plan networking spaces, local draught beers, all you can drink coffee - and of course, we’re dog friendly. So that you (and your pooch) can access everything you need to flourish within Foundry’s walls.

FOUNDRY enables businesses to directly rent whatever space they need for a day, week, or month. Our beautifully designed spaces offer a hub to UK towns that we would be remiss to overlook, and each space is specifically curated to its location. A Space mixing work, retail, leisure and events. A space to find you.


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